Del Mar Union dramatically improved students' writing skills


After working with teachers to develop a more effective way to teach writing, the Del Mar leadership team realized they needed to offer students their own laptops for learning. Del Mar follows the Common Core State Standards, which stress the use of technology to foster critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The DMUSD leadership team wanted to change the way lessons were taught.

"The use of Chromebooks with G Suite has been remarkable. In fact, the number of students reaching the top ‘highly proficient’ accreditation in the state writing tests has doubled since the introduction of Chromebooks."

Stephanie Sullins, Teacher, Del Mar Union School District


The easy access to G Suite for Education was a strong incentive for Del Mar to adopt the use of Chromebooks in their classrooms. After testing a number of tablets and computers, Del Mar decided that Google Chromebooks were the most practical and affordable for their aims.

Organization Profile

Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) serves 4,400 students across eight schools in San Diego, California. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and the district has a strong academic record with the highest academic performance index (API) in the county and the third highest in California. Del Mar is rigorously focused on its obligation to equip students to excel in the rigorous curriculum requirements and prepare them for the modern workplace, with an emphasis on writing, presentation and collaborative learning skills.

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